Why Outsource

To put it simply, legal outsourcing saves your time, expense, and credibility as you get specialized services from attorneys with the appropriate competency. You get a fully dedicated team that works closely with your in-house legal team to ensure quality, efficiency, and consistency. You can focus on your primary business practices while we take care of any emerging or existing legal issues.

Why Do Law-Firms and Corporate Departments Outsource –


Reduce 40-70% of your legal expenses by outsourcing to legal services providers who have the right skill, training, and technology to attend to all your business-related legal concerns.

Faster Turnaround

Your dedicated team works unwaveringly in providing you various business services including those related to start-up, acquisitions, compliance, IP management, and contract drafting and review. They promise quality and higher productivity even with strict project deadlines.

Increased Quality and Efficiency

Your law team constitutes of meritorious, well-trained, and experienced legal experts who guarantee the quality, consistency, and continual support all through the legal processes. It is our avowed objective to increase profitability for our clients and redefine their competitive position in the global market.

Focus on Core Competencies

The in-house legal team usually has a large workload demanding urgent attention. Almost one-third of the legal cost of a company or a law firm gets expended on mundane and repetitive work. With outsourcing, you can let the experts manage these complications while you focus on primary business processes.

Enhance Flexibility

It gives you flexibility and scalability as you hire and pay according to the need of the hour.

Time Zone Advantage

You can easily benefit from law firms set in different time zones as they continue to work and get the job done at the earliest possible hour. At Barcode, we seek competence and quality performance as our personal and professional pursuits.