Open Source Practice

Our Open Source Practices enables clients to use our services as and when required without having the need to hire a full-time attorney. We know that all businesses have different requirements and needs at different times so our services are budget flexible and delivered with utmost commitment and care. We strive to understand an organization’s customized needs and offer a wide range of open source advisory subscription packages that clients can choose from to suit their specific requirements.

Our mission is to help our clients capitalize on the strategic, technological, and financial benefits of open source software while minimizing risk and inefficiencies. Our attorneys are proficient in handling any legal issues arising from open source software use and in managing risks caused by the wide-ranging use of OSS.

We are recognized for our exceptional client care, customized strategic solutions, and pragmatic approach. Our team includes Attorneys, software programmers, IP practitioners, and software licensing professionals.

Our services include –

Open Source Governance Assessment

We, with the help of a detailed questionnaire, and followed by a discussion with you, conduct an assessment of your organization’s open source practice on 7 keys metrics including – open source discovery, licensing review & compliance, contribution advisory, supply chain compliance, open source contract advisory and the like.


Open Source Policy

Any organization today that values competence and transparency must have a written and enforced open source policy.  A written open source policy is useful particularly when a company works transnationally with multiple development teams.  A written policy enhances awareness, license compliance, and better performance in the development teams even when they are remotely located.

Furthermore, a clearly defined Open Source Software Policy to monitor and regulate an open source software program is crucial for the success of any organization today. It expedites and simplifies the decision-making process and risk management in the use of open source software. A well-integrated policy also facilitates the implementation of a Continuous Compliance Program.

Barcode has the required experience, expertise, and toolsets to help your organization boost productivity and innovation while also minimizing any open source legal and compliance risks. We would like to leverage this experience to provide cost-effective advice to our clients relating to open source governance and management.


Open Source Advisory

Every organization requires a bespoke open source advisory to regulate its business practices. This helps the organization to maximize the influence and benefit of using open source while ensuring that any technical, legal, or business risks are managed.  We at Barcode, offer uniquely customized hourly-based open source advisory subscription models and provide you with practical guidance in the open source licensing space.


Open Source Education

Open source legal issues can be complex and are often misunderstood thus bringing serious negative ramifications for businesses that do not fully comprehend the obligations involved. Barcode offers in-house training to ensure our clients are fully informed about all the relevant legal issues and business ramifications of using open source.