About Us

In our age of connectivity and digitalization, gaps related to traditional work systems and collaboration have been bridged. This enormous transition has caused a large-scale redistribution of services across these boundaries as companies leverage the most cost-effective and efficient means of conducting their businesses. The concept of ‘outsourcing’ has emerged as a result of this global change and legal services outsourcing is a mainstay.

Almost one-third of the legal cost of a company or a law firm in today’s times gets depleted on tedious, redundant, and repetitive work along with highly engaging and complex legal services. Barcode LLP adds strategic value to your firm by providing fully managed legal services and staff augmentation as it acts as your “Offshore Virtual Extended Legal Department”. This value is enhanced through our client-friendly and transparent pricing models.

The Barcode team includes meritorious, experienced, and highly talented legal and paralegal professionals. We induct the best attorneys in the industry and organize continuous training programs in accordance with the codes of professional conduct and ethics so that our attorneys remain at par with global standards of legal operations. Our highly competent attorneys keep themselves abreast with the latest law, amendments, and developments in the legal arena and are highly self-motivated. Our attorneys are also well-versed in the Global Legal System, particularly of US and European countries. Our commitment towards our clients and to finding the best legal solutions remains unparalleled. We begin by allocating a dedicated team to each client for a strong personalized client relationship and also to ensure quality, efficiency, and consistency.

We have packaged legal assistance both day-to-day as well as transactional under an umbrella at a pre-agreed, fixed fee. Since every business requirement is unique, we have customized services to meet a variety of such demands. This approach has allowed us to bring transparency and integrity to our services, thus, helping us to benefit our clients. We seek competence and quality performance as our personal and professional pursuits.

Barcode LLP has the appropriate human skills required to fully support the legal processes efficiently, and guarantee steady legal assistance in every aspect of your business processes.

Our Mission

Barcode Legal Services LLP is a relatively new entrant to the legal outsourcing market, our founders are highly qualified and experienced attorneys who have been working in the LPO industry and Techno-legal space for a long time.

We aim to develop Barcode as a specialized legal services company and a trusted ally and provide premium services to our clients and partners.

  • “Go-To” counsel for client’s business needs
  • Add value to every transaction
  • Strive to be the standard of excellence
  • Leverage technology to scale

Our Experience

Contracts 92%
Compliance 87%
Intellectual Property 80%
Open Source Licensing 74%

Our Team

  • Amit Tyagi


    Amit Tyagi, a Partner at Barcode, has close to two decades of experience in dealing with legal matters...

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  • Dhiraj Khare

    Sales Advisor

    Dhiraj Khare is a passionate sales leader and coach, with expertise in various digital platforms...

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  • Dushyant Yadav

    Associate Partner/Senior Consultant

    Dushyant, an Associate Partner/Senior Consultant at Barcode, has more than 10 yearsof experience...

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  • Abhinav Sharma

    Senior Associate

    Abhinav, a Senior Associate at Barcode, has a wide experience in Corporate & Commercial matters...

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  • Tarun Rathee

    Senior Consultant

    Tarun is an Associate Partner/Senior Consultant in the Litigation & Arbitration practice of Barcode...

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  • Prashant Khare

    Human Resource Advisor

    Our HR Advisor, Prashant is indispensable when it comes to resource management. He ensures that...

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