Legal Research and Analysis

Legal Research and analysis is about identifying and retrieving information crucial to support legal decision-making and to respond to specific legal questions pertaining to products, services, or processes. With business laws becoming more stringent, there is an increasing need for firms to procure regular counsel from legal experts to ensure enterprise risk management and regulatory compliance. Legal research has become indispensable to the credibility and profitability of any business today and needs to be closely supervised by experienced researchers, eminent jurists, and efficient lawyers.

Armed with a team of legal experts, lawyers, and paralegal professionals, Barcode provides unmatched legal research services to clients belonging to a wide range of industry verticals.

We have a highly qualified and well-trained team of attorneys who are competent at keeping track of the latest law amendments within common law jurisdictions; developing processes through inquiry and scrutiny; finding case-specific clauses, and understating and applying the various nuances profitably and ethically. Since our inception, we have been assisting domestic and overseas clients efficiently and with dependability with our specialized legal research services.

Legal research and analysis is a critical skill that demands great patience and time, making it troublesome for organizations to find quick solutions in time-bound set-ups. Outsourcing research projects often proves inexpensive and less tedious for organizations that choose to outsource. Rather than being specialized in a fixed practice area we, at Barcode, have constantly striven to become legal experts with diverse skills-sets so that we can execute any legal outsourcing with great care and precision. We make use of creditable legal research methods to make sure the quality of our work is always the best.


  • Any pre/post-litigation assisted research
  • Tracking Federal or State legislation for Corporate compliance
  • Case law research and analysis
  • Analyzing Acts/Statute/Legislations, Orders, rules, regulations, provisions, etc
  • Treaties, Conventions, International Agreements, Protocols, etc
  • Any other legal areas not covered as above