Our team list 2

  • Amit Tyagi

    Amit Tyagi, a Partner at Barcode, has close to two decades of experience in dealing with legal matters...
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  • Dhiraj Khare

    Sales Advisor
    Dhiraj Khare is a passionate sales leader and coach, with expertise in various digital platforms and...
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  • Dushyant Yadav

    Associate Partner/Senior Consultant
    Dushyant, an Associate Partner/Senior Consultant at Barcode, has more than 10 yearsof experience in the...
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  • Abhinav Sharma

    Senior Associate
    Abhinav, a Senior Associate at Barcode, has a wide experience in Corporate & Commercial matters
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  • Tarun Rathee

    Senior Consultant
    Tarun is an Associate Partner/Senior Consultant in the Litigation & Arbitration practice of Barcode who...
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  • Prashant Khare

    Human Resource Advisor
    Our HR Advisor, Prashant is indispensable when it comes to resource management. He ensures that our clients...
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